A Look Into the Barrett Community in Barrett, TX

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Rich in Heritage, Education, and Community Pride

African-American Community Surviving Generations

Barrett Station, or Barrett, TX, as it is now referred to, is primarily an African-American community with a rich heritage and known for its dedicated civic participation. Central to the community are churches and key organizations such as the following:

  • Barrett Station Community Development Organization, Inc.
  • Barrett Station Civic League
  • Barrett Station Ministerial Alliance
  • Barrett Station Health Advisors

A census-designated place in Harris County, the Barrett community in Barrett, TX, is approximately 12.66 square miles in size, with a population of 3,199, according to the 2010 US Census. Discover Our History here on All About Barrett, Texas 77532.

For more than 30 years, we have been giving importance to historical and cultural preservation, educational scholarships, and community beautification, supporting other local non-profits while addressing current issues and challenges within the community.

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A Blue Historic Barrett Sign In The Garden

Our Story

Since 1949

Emancipated Roots: The Harrison Barrett Story, Barrett Station, TX, is the story of Harrison Barrett, a former freed slave who founded Barrett Settlement, now known as Barrett Station, TX. It is the only town in TX, and specifically Harris County, of its kind. And one that thrives today. The story shares the faith of Harrison Barrett and the legacy he instilled that carries through his descendants today.

Barrett Station is a thriving community. It tells the history of resilience, sacrifice, faith, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Emancipated Roots is a series exploring the life lessons and legacy of towns founded by former slaves.

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